home again


it has been said you can’t go home again (Thomas Wolfe) and there are a thousand ways to go home again (Rumi).

Spring brings home the Osprey which have been flying over the house and landing in the treetops singing sweetly. I have heard the loons in the morning and evening light and the hummingbirds made their first appearance yesterday. Everything is waking up and on the brink of bursting forward.spring--100



This was Easter weekend and we had a gathering to celebrate the love and life of my husbands mother, whose life as well as giving me my partner has mingled with mine for almost 50 years. The extended family is a pretty large group, some of whom I had not seen in a decade. Some I had not met, a very emotional day on many fronts.  Almost overwhelming.

Returning to our home, and more specifically the woods and lake around it feels like standing on solid ground. I think in this way I lean towards the rumi quote. Finding your definition of home can be such a gift.  The people in my life, the spaces and places that anchor, the familiar builds from the family root.


Spring and Easter offer such a sense of new beginning, of fresh starts, of moving forward and of letting go. I haven’t learned how to move forward without letting go, it paints such a literal picture of stuck. Letting go to make space for what comes next. Breathe deeply, exhale gratitude.

Our beautiful forest king came through with velvet horns the gifted antlers sit on my desk.  old friends, new life – springtime is a promise, something new is yet to come. Be patient, have faith.spring--108

As I was about to leave the busy room with many things unsaid and my breath too shallow in my chest, a warm embrace from one of my sweet nephews, ‘i just love you so much’. I smile as I hear his words and echo them back to a room with so many stories. If not in my life, still in my heart-

Above all else, I just love you all, so much.





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