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Memory and the Wisdom keeper

graphite- a conversation with questions asked, and answers offered.

I have been an artist of sorts from my first box of crayons working throughout my life in different forums which included ways of bringing art as a expansion of expression to the children and families I shared time with. That was an amazing part of my life and a constant learning journey. Just about five years ago I decided it would be the next phase of my life to finish work. This does not mean leaving process behind, but sharing the drivers seat with an outcome. I am choosing to  explore technique and content and see where that road  takes me, but obviously the joy is in the journey so the process still has to be a front and centered focus.

Three of the past years have been busy ones. I have been submitting work for juried shows, hanging in my hometown local gallery, in general getting work out there. In the process I felt as though I was moving away from my own authentic work to producing what I felt influenced to make, to match criteria. It wasn’t the path I felt I wanted to continue. When you feel lost or as though you may be on the wrong road, I find the best thing for me has always been to call a do over.

These are my next steps, the stepping away into a quieter life until I feel sure the path is leading where I really want to go. Writing about it, keeping track is a bit like map making, as we all know, many roads lead to any place you might want to be! The getting back again, may require a record, bread crumbs at least, and if they are scattered to the wind, just know laying them to me, is worth the time it takes.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW, Judy! This entire blog is so impressive and beautiful. It will be a great pleasure to follow. I think it’s great that you are following your intuitive heart in what you are doing, have set out to do.


  2. Fantastic blog, Judy! You’re off to a very great start. I think you’re doing an awesome thing, turning a wonderful page in the path you have set in place for yourself at this time in your life. Love the whole set up of the blog and I do like the photos at the start of comments! You are artistically multi-talented, by which I mean not only painting, but photography, writing, poetry. Inspirational!


    1. Thank you Susannah. I feel sure, if I painted everyday for the rest of my life, I would not run out of things that draw me. It is such an intricate, amazing world.


  3. I just have to let you know that whenever I see your blog come up in my email, it is the first one I read. You have the gift of writing, of drawing one in and having them walk with you on your journey. I hope to have many more walks with you. Hugs and blessings.


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