have you seen this rooster?

he is a bit of an ass…..

In my two days of trying to capture for re homing, I have seen some lovely kindness in peoples efforts to assist, but the more we try, the more wary he becomes. The large red rooster has not been seen since tuesday, we are not sure if someone successfully rescued him or if a coyote found him first. I am hoping he found a person because he was the tamest of the lot.
IMGP3897 Above the favorite spot on the path, is this rather large wasps nest, and as people have been gifting said rooster with grains, granolas and apples, the wasps are feasting as well. While crawling through the brush I just missed placing my hand on this well eaten apple, distraction is a powerful thing!
The space is very beautiful and it isn’t much of a hardship to spend a couple of hours hanging out, trying to make friends (though i am losing ground) with this  wily bird!
IMGP3904 IMGP3900 IMGP3905 IMGP3907
I brought my sketchbook and camera along today but sadly between the many people who stopped to see what was going on, and those who wanted to try more aggressive approaches to catching, I think I am losing ground. The s.p.c.a. is open tomorrow so technically if I were to catch him tonight I could still drop him off but the worry is I will fail and scare him away from a fairly safe and well chosen roosting site, too high for coyotes (and five foot two females) too branched for owls I think he will be okay there until next week.
From the roosters perspective his poster would show a photo of me, Have you seen this human? I believe she is up to no good!

2 thoughts on “have you seen this rooster?

  1. I am in a position to have to catch my lovely dog, Duncan, the timid giant. He leaves when he sees me and is very stealthy in the woods. I don’t know how I will catch him but there must be a way. I may have to camp overnite when it’s thundering, that’s the only time he will come to me, willingly. It makes me sad that my brother won’t bother to walk 20 feet and spend 2 minutes a day feeding a, as he put it, Mentally Challenged dog.


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