It is dark these early mornings when I wake. Autumn lets me sleep a wee bit longer and still be present for the sunrise. SALUTATIONS!

The dew stays a bit longer here in the shadow of the mountain and some days my patience to be in the sun takes me on a morning walk or bike ride out of the shade, into the bright warmth. There is something lovely to be found in the mist and dew, tiny prisms and reflecting spheres. One of the things I love about photography is it asks you to really see things in a different way. It helps train your eye to subtle bits of lights and shadow, and where to focus to determine your point of view.

IMGP4994I found the first bits of hard frost in a valley wetlands, in the shade and shadows the weed heads lit a path of dancing light. Nature does not hurry, each thing has its moment to shine and beauty abounds whether we see or  not.


I have been working on sketches for a new project. It is hard for me to put one thing aside to attend to another. I struggle with time management in a way that surprises me in the absense of deadlines or external pressure. It is one of the things I have learned about my own process in this year removed from participating in the outside world, I still create that sense of ‘must’.


I am however, much more likely to have faith in the pause. That space between inhale and exhale, where there is a strange sense of clarity.  It is fleeting, but I know it exists, and the task for me now is to trust it. Nature does not hurry, and yet, everything that needs to, happens.



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