In 1969 I was ten years old, I think that was the year we moved to Canoe where I have lived much of my life and always consider  my home base.  When we moved here there was a quirky odd shack style building across from the postoffice, Bills Sport and Bait shop, which included a jukebox where a dime bought you the song of your choice. Imitating my older sister I would occasionally pop in a CCR tune while I bought a Crush grape soda reaching into a chest style coke a cola cooler filled with  melting ice.

Friday night while folding laundry Ed and I agreed to not  do anything for our anniversary this year, just be happy 😉 .  An hour later he had found a concert with available tickets and booked a nearby hotel in Kamloops for Saturday, a few days early, but happy anniversary!

When we arrived at the concert we were smiling at the general demographics which made us part of the younger set. A couple of older folks were led to their chairs with the arm of a staff attendant. Lots of grey hair in this crowd. The lights dimmed and the sounds of live concerts began to swell. Video clips from a documentary for fortunate son flashed on the big screen, lights and confetti accompanied songs. Stories from woodstock, from war protests, from the early days of rock and roll slipped into the sets. A clip from Ed Sullivan introducing the band let me whisper, ‘eddy, kiss me goodnight’ to my smiling husband who grew up cringing at the line.


One of two musician sons accompanied John Fogerty and he talked about his wife, their long marriage and each of his children. The sense of family was sweetly unexpected from this life style one imagines.

The music was wonderful, the energy amazing, but the most striking thing we noticed was the crowd. It became one of the most engaged and noisy crowds I have sat with as many sang along, danced and cheered I am again reminded that there is magic connected to creativity. The heart and soul of creative expression is timeless. What a nice way to celebrate 38 married years, forty years as a couple and forty four years of friendship!

After the last encore of bad moon rising and proud mary, we all made our way from the packed  arena into a summer downpour which added to a vibrant energy. People walked briskly through the rain to Moxie’s and the Shark club in the hotel lobby nearby, those who walked into the concert  carefully seemed to have a bit more bounce on their way out.  Shared energy lifts you from the inside and for a while, we were back to the sixties where ever that found us then, here is 2015 it seemed just fine.

photos loaded from image search, no photographers names attached, thank you for sharing.


One thought on “1969

  1. A number of years ago, we were at a John Fogarty concert and found a spot to dance and sing the night away under the stars and yes, the energy was electric as the crowd as a whole were going down memory lane.

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