moments in the light.

In the morning, I love to sit with the stillness and watch the sun find its way through the forest wall in bits of brilliance,  softly subtle filters,  and shadows deeply contrasting each bit of illuminated focus. There is magic in the woods, with every step you take.


As I work in solitude, I find parallels with what happens in my experience and how it replicates in stories all around me. There are moments when the light feels especially strong, when I know where I am going and I feel the pace is pressing to fill the surface.

IMGP1407There are moments when I step back and look for form and shape, in the negative space there is a tiny heart shaped light that makes me smile. It reminds me of a painter I once knew who added secret hearts to all of her works, you might find them accidentally, but once you knew they would be there, you always looked for that symbol of soul.


This may be my favorite light, the one that layers like veils between worlds, a softness that feels safe and inviting, an oh so gentle light. Life has been busy these past weeks, full of connections and interaction, all good things. As stated, I start my day as often as I can with coffee outdoors. It is a reassuring thing for me, bathed in light, washed in rain, we are a part of a very great whole, not greater than, nor less than, simply part of. And so it goes, in a year of living less quietly than I expected, the moments of solitude and connection weave together with intricacy and design. Trust the process.


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