This was a full and busy weekend. A good one that included two birthday parties for forty somethings, time in my garden for solitude, good company to end the evenings and start the mornings, full from sunrise to sunsets. I have a lot of activity and energy stacked up like pages for editing in my thoughts. I am a slow processor!


I need a lot of quiet in my life to sort out the events, sights and sounds that are a part of everyday. I am not sure all of my filters were installed when I started this life,  it is one reason why I would find living in the city an almost impossible transition. I need time to star gaze and marvel at the minutia.  We are such small parts of a very big world, but, the small parts are amazing when you look closely.


No surprise, Horton hears a who, by Suess is one of my favorite stories. Worlds within worlds create layers of wonder that take time to see.  I am letting my bike / swim slide this morning and pouring another cup of coffee to carry up to the garden. I feel a bit lost from my work these days but I have been on this path before. There is an ebb and flow as clear as the river runs. Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes about the river beneath the river, and I feel its constance and honour the rhythm. When the restlessness reaches a crescenza, the dam breaks and the work begins anew.   For now, I will float with the pace of summer, abundance is the word of the season, even the light accommodates to give more time to simply  be with the fast fleeting moments.

When the long winter nights return, I will revisit the summer pages. They will embellish themselves with time in memory and find their way to be heard. For now, I am hushing the voice that says, your schedule is falling behind, silencing the fretter that wants to steal the moment. It is, what it is. Breathe deeply, pause and experience, exhale gratitude.


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