the art of lost and found

I started yesterday morning in a bit of a race against the clock rushing about gathering up last minute choices in my art bag, getting ready for an eagerly awaited paint out at a friends lakeside cabin. I left the house a couple of times before actually leaving the driveway, forgetting bits and pieces -did i turn the coffee off, that sort thing. While stopping for flowers I ran into my husband and helped him pick out a birthday cake for a co-worker enjoyed some time to chat. Reaching into my pocket I realized I had my daughters house key, another short stop, and on my way about the time the rest of the group would be meeting up. No worries, pushing the boundaries of fashionably late or insanely early seem to be my two arrival modes.

As I left town I realized I had forgotten the directions to the cabin but having been there at least twice before I didn’t think I would need them. My cell phone seemed not to be travelling with me either, I have a gps but not the address…. you can see where this is going.

Cabins around our lake are threaded through winding layers of makeshift roadways and I viewed many of them as I tried without success to reach my destination. Along the way I chatted with several people out working in their yards, having relaxed strolls on their way to the beach but the thing about summer people is they have little idea of who the neighbours might be.

I was just about to head for home and admit defeat when I found a lovely large dog with his leash snapped off and kind of herded him back to the lady frantically looking for him and there to my surprise at the end of the road peeking out of long grass was a no trespassing sign i vaguely remembered. On further examination, trespassing gingerly somewhat hopefully, I did find the group of painters I was looking for and managed to arrive with wilting flowers a little over an hour late with lots of time for a great visit, a bit of sketching, an irresistible swim on a private beach and a feeling of summer contentment.

I have been lost in some beautiful places on back roads and city streets, alone or with others, my starting place is, we’ll figure it out. Along the way I have encountered interesting places and people, weird diners, funky shops, great camping spots and generally speaking a broader experience than sticking to the map. I don’t really like to use the gps, it feels bossy and limiting. Besides, if you never take the chance to be lost, you miss the opportunity in being found, you’ll know it when it happens.

To the ladies of the sketch and paint, thanks so much for finding me a few years back . I may not see you too often, but you make my life richer in the time you share. (and as promised…. no group pic)


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