the memory garden

A lot of my time in the summer is spent in the garden doing small tasks, trimming, weeding, staking, weeding, watering, weeding…. and so it goes. I like to spread these chores out throughout the day so that I can experience light in its various forms making petals translucent, creating rim light, abstract silhouettes, from flowers to seed pods I find the garden a place filled with peace and welcome.

The butterflies and hummingbirds were in the planning stages and every year I add a few more bees balm here, some milkweed there in hopes of accommodating every visitor. With all of this work you  might expect a very grand garden which would not be found on my property! It always has a slightly unkempt look especially if you come too close!


I suspect it is in part the time spent sitting low to the ground or at the little patio table sketch book in hand, camera close by that distracts from achieving that kind of perfectly groomed look I miss but truth is told, I wouldn’t trade one for the other.

Ed and I will celebrate our 38th anniversary next month! for our 35th I said I would like a gift (we don’t really do that or celebrate one day, it is all a gift and a flow, why fuss). I wanted to turn the vegetable garden into a beautiful perennial one and so it began the transferring of plants, the transition.

7646231768_5501c78a56_z 7230102684_65fdae7065_zIt came with some surprises, actually it is my favorite thing about the garden spring through fall, every morning some small things have changed, it is a living illustration of flow and i feel its energy.

Life is change. Loss and celebration tip to tip in a circle that is often challenging and always a wonder. I have decided mine is a love story with a rich memory garden and a promise of seeds in the wind.  I invite you to get out there and get your hands dirty and don’t forget to breathe!  And one last thought, leave the door open for good things and small surprises, may they find you.3915380355_f5e126beb0_z


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