this morning

the water is cool and clear this morning,
i fall into its arms- a cradle memory.

brilliant sun glints through the pine and cedars,
cottonwood angel fluff,
ravens speak-
I float freely squinting my eyes to the sky
scanning the trees
i find their nest.
six I think ebony gleaming softness,
Obsidian eyes.

i am the only person swimming as far as i can see,
i am the only person swimming,

i am the only person

a kildeer glides to the shoreline
and begins her dance with the waves.
dragon fly, butterflies,
we  drift together.

i nod to the resting chief
rock bluff and evergreen.
the bluest sky,
whispered clouds,
a ghost moon hangs half full,

I am the only person
so i greet the morning
i breathe it deeply into my lungs
i hear my heart beat
sound beneath the waterline.
we are one.


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