an explosion of color

The garden has burst open in the strong colours of late spring. The purple Iris are almost finished but the yellow and orange have just begun. The poppies are ablaze and there are tips on the day lilies. I have almost got the uptop under control…. almost, but then again control isn’t a huge value for me.

IMGP9208 (2)

I am just getting ready to head off for a bike and swim, summer is full of choices each one so inviting.  I find it is the most difficult season to schedule work and yet work this week is a priority.

IMGP9410 (2)And still, if at the end of my days I were to look back and find I had traded walks and wanderings for checking off items on a to do list  how sorry would that be.  I like to think we are the work. What we fill our days with, what we take from the experience, what we leave behind not in a tangible way but through our acts is I suspect to be the purpose.

IMGP9221 (2)

A big fan of the poet Mary Oliver, I especially love this thought, ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”  my answer might just be, walk the walk.


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