another life

The past week has been spent in holiday mode, travelling east to Quebec and heading back stopping in Ontario before returning to all things familiar. The trip was wonderful with so much to see and the best part for me a visit with my beautiful far and away girl.   We did the touristy things, saw sights, met new friends, even took in a ball game with my husband to offset the hours spent in gallery walks!

This morning I looked out my studio window to see  a little brown bear (who is so small this time of year) walking around the yard. She got to the spot opposite the base of the long garden where the tall hemlock holds a large wind chime and stood on hind legs reaching gingerly with a paw to make the chimes ring. This is the funniest thing as both Ed and i do the same thing when we walk up top. She sauntered off and out of sight at the top of the garden in the clearing that leads to the deep ravine.

In the city, I would sit at the windows of the hotels beautiful high storied views and watch the day begin for commuters heading to jobs, children off to schools, people popping in and out of coffee shops in a busy maze of activity. It was mesmerizing.

The contrasts between lives are staggering. When it feels like it may overwhelm me I like to bring it down to simplest form. We still sleep beneath one moon, turn our faces to one sun whether we can see it or not, in the arms of the angels, we find our paths.



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