Later this month I will be making a short trip to Quebec and Ontario, my first visits to Montreal and Quebec City are on the agenda. The Montreal Museum of Art is in the end run of an exhibition I am excited to visit which includes work of French painter Benjamin-Constant, the painting in the heading, the favorite of the emir was done around 1879.  the listing of works displayed can be seen . 

Because many of the pieces are extremely large canvas there is a video on the museum site around stretching and hanging that is a bit like watching a magic show. The colours and gold leaf combined with the beautiful detail absolutely appeal to me. I was unable to order a catalogue on line so will have to do the headsets tour.

I am looking forward to the museum and a short list of other galleries I have noted, I am also looking forward to the beautiful architecture, the busy streets and whatever else presents.

I have as well been fretting about the lilacs here at home. They are one of the most anticipated bits of spring time that generally fall mid may and have such a short time frame. Not one to be bothered by fragrance, I delight in their perfume and fill the house with arms full bouquets until they are done. This trip, planned some weeks past has me now concerned the lilacs will be missed by me this year and a whole year without seems a long time. I cannot think of what I was watching when a thought was offered regarding the numbers of mornings a human life is estimated to have. approximate 27,000 ? That is hard to wrap ones thoughts about, but, if I have an estimated 25 lilac springs at my hopeful disposal, the loss of one is not to be taken lightly. (my body posture here could resemble the woman in the tangerine skirt).

Meanwhile, I will spend my coffee breaks, from now until we go, checking on line for not to be missed, (the globe and mail assures me the museum of art is on that list) experiences. I am happy to say they will be shared with my husband, who suggests there may even be lilacs in Quebec. mmmmm I wonder?


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  1. Montreal and Quebec City are on my bucket list! Enjoy!!! The lilacs are starting to bloom in Campbell River where I am now and I have stepped into someone’s front yard to smell the first lilacs. The Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Dogwoods are simply stunning!


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