One more lovely black bird

Red winged black birds vibrate the reeds with their trill, the morning is a pattern of song. A great blue heron circles lazily over the surface and lands in the far reaches. Turtles and merganzers share a protruding log island to bask in the sun, the little pond is never sleeping.

I sit camera in hand on the edge, the ground is damp and smells like earth. Two young women walk to water, one quite pregnant holds a plastic bag with slices of bread. She hands a piece to her friend and they tear small bits and toss offering. Her hair is pulled back in a loose pony tail, her clothes baggy to make room for the baby she carries and I am taken aback by how in a glance and a moment I feel deeply touched by her youth and the sweetness of life.

Take a moment in your day, it may even find you unexpectedly, and look closely, look until you see.


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