another springtime

The garden, which is largely full, still finds room for a few fresh herbs, a perennial or two split and moved from the garden of a friend, and some volunteers to be named later….  Every day, spring through frost is a bit of an adventure in the gardeners journal, something reveals itself in the morning light and a mystery is solved.


I have planted two bags full of lily bulbs less than a month past though for the life of me, i can’t remember exactly where. I have a garden length row of either beautiful yellow evening primrose, or a similar leafed purple flowering weed, I can’t be sure until flowers emerge and by then the weed will have worked so hard to bloom, I won’t remove it until its cycle completes.


I tried labeling things, but the raccoon babies found the popsicle sticks irresistible and moved quickly onto the cucumber seedlings. I do not try and protect the garden from those who sample bits and bites. I prefer by far their continuing visits.


And as is true, I grow a fine flower garden, my veggies were always a struggle. We have a farmers market twice weekly that is full of great organic choices, some of the best fresh fruit and veggies find their way within the 100 mile radius and I have grown happy to purchase and wander through.

I moved to a perennial garden which takes less care when the frequency of summer bear visits and the distance to the house made weeding less and less a commitment. This way, when little brown and little black come through, we are all good.


So here we are, spring time, things are growing, things are wandering, water flows, and cycles renew. These are my lessons of gardening in the shuswap, make a plan, let the plan go and then follow the lead of those who know best. Trust your instincts 😉 and listen to community. You are no less, no more, but a part of the whole.


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