ready to zoom!

Headed off to a day of demo’s and organized art stuff ;)! zoom zoom

IMGP6120 (2)xx


be home soon!


One thought on “ready to zoom!

  1. How nice to see friends at the Thompson Shuswap FCA event hosting the demonstrations at St.Andrews. I would have loved to see the show open and I am sure there was a great turn out, I hear it is seriously the best one yet!
    It was great to attend the demo’s with my niece and hear her perspectives and thoughts on paintings and methods. Her paternal Grandpa who passed not so long ago, had been a music and art teacher, as well as a painter. her grandmother on her mom’s side is a fine painter so her exposure throughout, as well as her instruction in school has given her language to express some pretty sophisticated concepts. It is funny how one forgets ages when interests connect, My niece is in the early edge of the teen years, my painting friend from town recently turned 85 and drove herself to the event. I sit in the middle at 56, but aside from the time we have had to hold a brush in hands, we shared a lot of common ground and I have to say, it is one of the things i love about creativity, there is neither a qualifying starting age, nor an expiration date!


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