definition – the arrangement or treatment of synchronous things or events inconjunction, as in a history.

Sometimes you just have a moment, where unexpected things come together in a just right fashion. Creativity is FULL of those moments, though, we may not always recognize them when they present. The gift is, if you miss it the first time around, it may still come again in a different form.

I have listened to people talk about second chances in their careers as painters and certainly many other aspects of life -with gratitude. I believe in second chances and I think we have a lot of chances and that  if we limit ourselves to one or two, we become too fearful of risk taking.  If we are grasping, or trying to make it just right rather than allowing the process we can get in our own way so easily. There is something to be said of showing up without an agenda and allowing even inviting the path to unfold.

What does that have to do with my featured image? I was at this site taking photographs of nesting eagles. The light was pretty and inviting on the singular flicker sitting on the pier as I focused there a second shot in and out of the scene, three quick beautiful shots neither planned nor anticipated. My favorites of the day.



In a symposium last summer I listened to painter Suzanne Northcott speak about intention and its role in life. She contemplated a magic wetland she loved to walk, where something of beauty always found her and she wondered if the place was magic or her belief that something wonderful was waiting, was being honored. The chicken or the egg so to speak but the point that I took away and share with your today is, what you are seeking, is seeking you.

Leave the door open for good things. Practice patience. Let the day take you, something wonderful is waiting, of this, I feel certain.


5 thoughts on “synchronism

  1. 💝 love, love your thoughts for the day! I just came in from sitting by the stream with my cup of tea listening to the water and the glorious singing of all the birds. I moved some leaves and bark so my hostas by the stream could feel the sun and bathe in it like I did. I came inside to head to my painting, refreshed and ready for what speaks to me.

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  2. Thank you each for your lovely words and for stopping by! Thanks JoAnna for sitting with me on ice, in mud, through rain, in darkness awaiting the dawn, and the occasional bits of sunshine!


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