a word about photography, (several actually)

In the early days of what has surely been an early spring, I was delighted to find access near my home to a pair of nesting eagle. Their power and beauty always draw me but this part of relationship is something I feel honored to witness. For several days I showed up to learn their schedule, stood as close to still as I could manage a half lot away from the nest. Standing on a small shoe width platform to be in the best (highest) spot for snapping a shot, camera with large heavy lense poised on a monopod often inactive for a couple of hours, a couple of times a day. I have gone with one specific friend to share photo experiences for a few lovely years and we find while we often choose the same subject, we bring something different to the end piece in a variety of ways. The moment we click, the just right perspective has a different meaning to each of us, not to even mention editing etc. Photography is a unique and personal experience, a relationship between the universe and your view, a place where the saying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder is absolute.

When people see your shots over time, you inevitably hear ‘Wow, you must have a really good camera’, and it’s true, I do and sometimes the great shot is a product of exactly that. As I have said, photography for me is a hobby, but let me just say as well, that is not a good phrase for people who take their craft seriously! For someone with multiple ways of expression I have to say, I encourage visual artists to develop their skills with a camera because you will find as you continue to work the process you can build your strength in composition, your wonder in the details and details lost to soft edges as you play with focus but most importantly you will continue to build and improve your way of seeing and your relationship with light.

All that said, and I know it is a mouthful, it will call you out to play because you simply can’t get the shot if you do not place yourself out in the world of great and small miracles. Heed the call! And here is a tip I leaned yesterday in a way I will remember, be aware of what you pack in your bag,  and keep the safety on the bear spray!


2 thoughts on “a word about photography, (several actually)

  1. “you simply can’t get the shot if you do not place yourself out in the world of great and small miracles.”


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